Baltimore Tomorrow & World Fantasy in Columbus next week!

I’m in Baltimore at Atomic Books tomorrow night!  I’m bringing pins & swag… can’t wait.

Atomic Books 10/20 – Steven Sherrill & Fran Wilde – 7pm!

wfclogoNext week is World Fantasy in Columbus. (It does not go without saying that I’m very grateful to Ellen Datlow in particular for her work on the new schedule, and to the folks at for all the reasons.)

Here’s where I’ll be:


  • 11 am – UNION AB: Keeping YA Weird. The panel will discuss traditions and themes of weird YA, and what might be coming next.
    Fran Wilde, Christopher Barzak, Nicole Kornher-Stace, Ellen Klages (m), Rani Graff
  • 2pm – UNION C: Fantasies of Flight. Me, You, a bunch of stories about real and mythical people who jumped off a bunch of things in the pursuit of flight and lived (or didn’t) to tell the tale.  Fran Wilde, possible cephalopods.


  • 3pm – UNION C: Reading … will it be Cloudbound? Short stories? An exclusive from the unapproved and highly secretive Horizon? You’ll have to come find out. And then stay for the awesome Camille Griep after!
  • 4pm – UNION AB: Art Panel: From Idea to Final Image. Working artists explain how they translate the written word into pictures on a page, when to be specific and when to be ambiguous, and what happens when the artist becomes the writer, what happens when the writer becomes the art director? Charles Vess, Greg Manchess, Fran Wilde, M: Irene Gallo, Chris Roberts

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