See You At Pandemonium Books & Boskone!

Next week, I’ll be heading to Boston MA for the 54th Boskone as well as a special Thursday night event at Pandemonium Books & Games. See you there!

The details:

Thursday February 16


Saturday, February 18

  • 10 am (Harbor 1, K2) Kaffeeklatsch: Fran Wilde – Come have a coffee with me. Likelyhood I’ll have swag? Very High. Possible sighting of rare Skymouth Protection Society Pins…
  • 11am (Marina 2) Seven League (Re)boots: Far From the Fairy Tale
    How far are fairy-tale reimaginings — in written work, on TV, and in film — diverging from their parent tales? When is it better for a story to meet our expectations? When does a surprising deviation speak more engagingly to us today? Jane Yolen, Daniel P. Dern (M), Carlos Hernandez, Fran Wilde
  • 12pm (Harbor 2) 50 Minutes of Bad Advice
    Everyone has advice to give … especially to aspiring creative types. However, that doesn’t make it good advice. In the realm of “She said what? LOL!” — without naming names, our panelists share some of the best bad advice they received when first venturing into writing, editing, or art. Did they listen? Did it help?  Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Michael Swanwick, Fran Wilde (M), Ellen Asher, Ginjer Buchanan
  • 5pm (Galleria) Autographing: Neil Clarke, Max Gladstone, Fran Wilde

Sunday, February 19

  • 10am Reading by Fran Wilde – It is quite possible that I will be reading something never before heard read aloud…


  1. We’re looking forward to seeing you! Of course they’ve put you on a panel at the same time as my concert, but we are hoping to make it to the Kaffeeklatsch. Where I can be bribed to do certain things for sufficient(*) amounts of chocolate (*grin*).

    (*) “sufficient” = “just about any amount of”

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