Where we’ve been, where we’re going + picspam

So the past couple of months. Hahahah. We’ve seen things. So many things.

And friends, so so many friends.

And I’ve sold or completed a couple stories that are upcoming: “Grotesquerie,” to Uncanny Magazine (out in September); “An Explorer’s Cartography of Already-Settled Lands,” to Tor.com; “Death and My Mentions,” to The Death of All Things anthology; and “Happenstance” to Futurescapes. My episode of The Witch Who Came in From The Cold – Talisman – came out last week and I wrote a tell-all bit about getting lost in Prague to celebrate.

An essay, “Notes from the Meatcage” sold to Jim Hines and MaryAnne Mohanraj at Invisible3.

Copy Edits for Horizon went back to Tor in February and we are in the chute on our way to September 26 launch for the last book in the Bone Universe series. Pre-orders are up, and any & all shouting about the series is Most Appreciated! (And it looks like Amazon’s currently having a Wilde Sale – including all the Bone Universe! cool!)

But much of what I’ve been doing this winter and early spring has been on the road. I started writing it up for my newsletter (yes! It exists! I swear! It’s going out today! Get in there!) and realized that photos were the best way to tell the tale. The gallery below contains a few pictures each from Rainforest Writers’ Retreat – which was an amazing time to reconnect with writerfriends old and new; the International Conference on the Fantastic in The Arts – where I read “Grotesquerie” for the first time and either shocked or stunned people, I’m not sure it just got really quiet for a long time, and participated on an amazing Fantasizing Disability panel; University of Southern California’s Undergraduate Writers’ Conference, where I gave a keynote (I should post that somewhere); and Wondercon, where I paneled and signed, and which was just fantastic. So, picspam!

I’m home for a few weeks before I take off to teach with an amazing lineup of instructors at Futurescapes Workshop at the end of April, then the Nebulas and Balticon… you can keep up with all of it via the calendar and my intermittent but still-here newsletter – retitled Wilde Type (soon) because Secret Message Machine was too long.

A few more bits of excitement – I’m very honored that The Jewel and Her Lapidary was nominated for a Nebula for Best Novelette, and one of three of my 2016 stories to appear on the Locus Recommended List – along with Cloudbound and “Only Their Shining Beauty Was Left” (Shimmer) – right there with so many great and amazing stories by authors I love. Voting on the Locus List is open to anyone, and you can vote through April 15. 

Ha. What am I doing. I know you’re here for the photos, so here we go!


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