A Bouquet of Links: UPDRAFT Sale! Invisible 3! PASTE Magazine!

Big news! In time for summer, for gifting, for an extra copy for yourself: – Huge UPDRAFT sale! $2.99 ebook & the paperback’s almost 1/2 off too! (While you’re there, preorder HORIZON if you haven’t already — and save the receipt because preorder goodies announcement’s coming!) Then check out this list of Great Summer Reads from Maria Haskins!

A few weeks ago, Jim C. Hines posted my essay “Notes from the Meatcage” on his blog. The essay appears in the upcoming Invisible 3 anthology, and  I was overwhelmed by the response it got, and very grateful to everyone who reached out, commented, and shared their thoughts.  Here’s the first paragraph:

At twelve, I perfected the baggy clothes drape. I stood and leaned against walls rather than sitting. Leaning kept the bottom edge of the hard, white fiberglass brace from digging into my thighs and the top edge from pinching under my arms. Either or both would drag my clothes funny and ruin the effect. I was pretty careful, but one pat on the back or a joking poke at my ribs and thunk. Hip to collarbone, my identity was wrapped in a hard shell….
Read the full essay.

Some more about Invisible 3 (from Jim): Any profits from the sale of the collection go to Con or Bust, helping fans of color to attend SF/F conventions. As with Invisible and Invisible 2, the contributors to this third volume have shared work that’s heartfelt, eye-opening, honest, thoughtful, and important…not to mention relevant to so much of what we see happening in the genre today. 

Invisible 3 launches on Tuesday 6/27 and benefits Con or Bust! You can order your copy here: Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play

Last Thursday, my first post in PASTE magazine appeared! 20 Books to Read If You Loved Watching Wonder Woman was a fun list to build (Shopping & training montages! Superheroines! SPIES! the Supernatural! and some really real badass women of World Wars 1 & 2!)

… ps – If you’re looking for great comics recommendations, I would suggest you head on down to Philly’s own Amalgam Comics and ask my friend Ariell for some suggestions.

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