My Philly Free Library & Readercon & Pandemonium Schedules! 

Next week is going to be a lot of great bookfun!

Here are the details!  (With Luna assistance)

Friday, July 14 – Philadelphia Free Library – 7:30 pm – with Chuck Wendig & Kevin Hearne, hosted by Dena Helik

(Cue mad dash to the airport)

Saturday, July 15 + Sunday, July 16 READERCON!! (Spoiler: I love this con)


  • 11 am room 5 – Engineering in SFF, the Sequel: A Bridge Too Far. Scott H. Andrews, John Chu, Jeff Hecht, Marissa Lingen, Fran Wilde (leader). At Readercon 27, our panel of SFF writers with engineering backgrounds discussed bridges, flight, castle fortifications, and why engineering often gets short shrift compared to other technical sciences. They pointed out that readers never see a school at Hogwarts for magical engineering, or classes for building magical tools. This year a new panel will go deeper with some of these topics, getting into the different types of engineering such as bio, hydro, civil, and mechanical, and how these can inform your worldbuilding. 
  • 12 noon BH How I Wrote the Bone Universe Trilogy. Fran Wilde. In a city of bone rising high above the clouds, where monsters ride the air and danger lurks at every turn, Kirit Densira finds her voice, Nat Densira learns to lead, and they and their companions struggle to save their world from destruction. Welcome to a world of wind and bone, songs and silence, betrayal and redemption. From Updraft’s high-flying adventure above the clouds, through Cloudbound’s plunge into legend, and into Horizon’s discoveries and dangers, Fran Wilde’s debut trilogy creates magic using engineering and environmental science, monsters and mayhem, and three extraordinary heroes. Updraft is the first book to be simultaneously nominated for the Andre Norton Award and a Nebula Award for Best Novel. It won the 2015 Andre Norton Award and the Compton Crook Award. Fran Wilde will share secrets of the Bone Universe and sneak peeks from Horizon, in which Kirit, Nat, and their companions fight against time to save their world. 
  • 1 pm – Reading!! (Plus SHENANIGANS)
  • 2 pm – Autographing! 


  • 12 noon-  5 – Sororal Friendships in Fantasy. Greer Gilman, Naomi Novik, Julia Rios (leader), Tui Sutherland, Fran Wilde. One of the central relationships in Guest of Honor Naomi Novik’s novel Uprooted is between the heroine and her best friend. Agnieszka and Kasia were raised together and have a deep bond that is explored throughout the novel. This depiction of female friendship is unusual in fantasy fiction and gave rise to much discussion (and no small amount of fanfic from fans who either wanted to see more of the friendship or felt it ought to have been a romance). This panel explores sororal friendships in fantasy and the ways they can alter or comment on familiar tropes such as the maiden in the tower and the questing band of brothers.
  • 1:00 PM C Belm-Martin-Wilde Food Science Extravaganza!  Deconstructed eggs Benedict, meat glue, turbocharged blowtorches, immersion circulators, an overtaxed waffle iron, and liters of liquid nitrogen: all of these things were used in the Belm Utility Research Kitchen in pursuit of delicious, interesting food. Our panel of experts- Diane Martin, David Shaw, and Fran Wilde, will discuss the latest in edible science.

Monday 7-9pm : Pandemonium Books with Ruthanna Emrys, Fran Wilde and Chris Sharp 

Come out to one of my favorite Indy bookstores on the planet – Pandemonium Books & Games in Cambridge to see Ruthanna Emrys, Chris Sharpe and me for this special event! See you there!

Hope to see you at some of these! 

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