A Flock of Links & A Few Reminders

I’m getting ready to go down to the best first library in the country, the Free Library of Philadelphia, for a dance-off with Chuck Wendig and Kevin Hearne (I think that’s what we’re doing) tonight.

Here’s a handy spotting guide: 

Tomorrow and Sunday, it’s Readercon! Then Monday night, I’m at Pandemonium Books in Boston – come on out, Massachusetts!

Meantime, I brought you some fine things to read and some arts and crafts:


UPDRAFT is a Tor Books Fantasy First! You can read an extended excerpt online, AND for all of July, you can buy the Bone Universe books on sale — e-Updraft is $2.99 here, the paperback is on sale too, and last I checked, the other books are also discounted! Great for gifting or filling out your collection. (also you’ll want to keep your pre-order receipts for … um, REASONS.)


Engineering – two posts – one at Clarkesworld and one at Tor.com both talk about engineering in SFF.

The tor.com roundtable contains engineering advisors to the Bone Universe series, as well as Aliette de Bodard, John Chu, Nicky Drayden, & AT Greenblatt.

My Another World essay in Clarkesworld contains the phrase “And then someone decides to see what happens when you put Mentos in the matter compiler…”

There’s more coming, but that’s a good start for your weekend.
Also read this story by E. Lily Yu, this one by JY Yang, and this one by Elizabeth Bear.

Have a great weekend & see you out there!

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