Hej! and Hei! : August means events in Uppsala, Stockholm, and Helsinki!

Beginning August 3, I’ll be in Scandinavia. My Swedish & Norwegian inlaws have given me a list of things to see, but you all know I’m completely fixated on the boats. Expect lots of photos of the Vasa & the harbors & more boats & more water, and from the events below too!

Here’s where to find me:

Friday, August 4- Sunday, August 6, I’ll be in Uppsala Sweden for Reception Histories of the Future. My schedule:

  • Friday: 3-4pm Paper Session: Fran Wilde – “Medieval Dreams of Flight and Their Influence on Science Fiction”
  • Saturday: 11:30-12:30pm Panel: Byzantiums in Speculative Fiction – Kay, Turtledove and others. Panelists: Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Ann Leckie, Tonje Sorensen, Fran Wilde. Moderator: Liz Bourke
  • Sunday: 12:30-1:30pm Panel: After the Decline and Fall: Decadence in SFF.
    Panelists: Arkady Martine (AnnaLinden Weller), Ada Palmer, Aliette de Bodard, Elizabeth Bear, Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Moderator: Fran Wilde

Monday, August 7 & Tuesday, August 8, I’ll be in Stockholm, at SF Bokhandeln’s What Stories Does Science Tell? events – including a panel at the Nobel Museum and a Q&A with Elizabeth Bear at SF Bokhandeln. Check out the full program here.

Thursday, August 10 through Sunday, August 13, I’m in Helsinki for Worldcon75. (and the Hugo Awards!) My full schedule, with descriptions, is here. The basics:

  • Thursday, 11am – Engineering in Fantasy & SF
  • Thursday, 2pm – Autographing
  • Friday, 2pm – Role Models
  • Friday night – Hugo Awards (details here)
  • Saturday, 11am – Fantasy Worldbuilding without Ableism
  • Saturday, 4pm – Food Lies

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks!
Have great places I should go? (know any boats I should check out?) Let me know!
See you soon, Scandinavia!

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