See You At Baltimore Book Festival!

This coming weekend, I’ll be at the Baltimore Book Festival on the Inner Harbor, in the SFWA tent, talking about books and signing them too!

Here’s my schedule:


4PM Worldbuilding For Writers
One of the most important parts of any piece of fiction is the worldbuilding. Panelists will discuss everything from geography to language to economics of your hidden country or new planet.

6PM Fiction Pairings: I Liked ____, Now What Do I Read?
A panel of authors will help you find your next great read. Let us make your Mountain of To- Be-Read books even taller!


1PM (moderating) Zombies Ate My Homework: Young Adult SF/F Issues and the SF/F Books to Go With Them
The teens of YA SF/F books face the same stuff as our world’s teens, PLUS problems with magic, monsters, and science run amok.
Authors: Gwendolyn Clare, Carrie DiRisio, Kosoko Jackson, Daniel Jose Older, Sam J Miller, Moderator: Fran Wilde

2PM Signing: Gwendolyn Clare, Fran Wilde

5PM Beyond Stew and Replicators: Food in Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sensory details are the hallmark of great science fiction and fantasy, and nothing brings that home quite like the food! Join our panelists as they discuss what goes right and wrong with  food in their favorite books. We guarantee you’ll leave hungry—unless they start talking about soylent green. Authors: Lara Elena Donnelly, Scott Edelman, Ruthanna Emrys, Lawrence M. Schoen, Fran Wilde. Moderator Denise Clemons.

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