The Museum of Errant Critters goes a little wild

So. Funny story.

A couple of weeks ago, Chuck Wendig (he of the bees) let me post my Museum of Errant Critters sketches and care/feeding instructions on his blog.

And then I got an idea. I’m commuting to Kickstarter this summer, helping with their Summer of Poetry, and I thought “hey, I should learn how this Kickstarter stuff works.”

I built a mini-campaign — a short one, only 7 days long — hoping to fund Museum of Errant Critter postcards, and maybe more (I really want to do a booklet, someday). I set a goal. And I figured, come Monday, I’d post here on the blog and say, hey friends, come get some postcards and help fund this crazy thing I’m doing when I should be writing this story that’s du– hi editors, nothing to see here!


And then I launched it. On Friday at noon. Not the smartest time to do a launch, but hey.

Six and a half hours later, we fully funded! Now we’re headed for stretch goals. Today we’re close to me having to — I mean getting to — do a live kickstarter Q&A tomorrow. And if we hit that last crazy stretch goal, backers will get to watch me draw a new critter.

No matter what, I’m going to be mailing out a lot of postcards in a couple of weeks.

Here are the details:

The Museum of Errant Critters is a collection of artwork cataloguing the  brain weasels and head dragons which sometimes set up shop northwards of creative people’s hearts (ok, mostly mine) while we’re writing, working, not working, going to conventions, not going to conventions, etc. 

(Sure there are happier critters around these parts, but Errant Critters are currently easier to trap and sketch for posterity.) 

Only a few Errant Critters have seen the light of day so far, but with your support we may discover more. 

Each critter is a two-color sketch postcard card that comes with care and feeding instructions, providing useful tips and tricks for better day-to-day management, making the Errant Critters series a tangible reminder of self-care for creatives.

The Museum of Errant Critters, vol. 1

Even more cool? Kickstarter just added the Errant Critters to their Projects We Love. This is really amazing, you guys. Thanks to everyone who has already funded, or who is cheering this campaign on. The Errant Critters say thank you too. Onwards!

(totally getting back to that short story now, yes.)

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