Last night at the Nebulas was such a good reminder of why we do this. So was the entire Nebula ballot this year, and the long list.

I am so happy Rebecca Roanhorse won in our short story category for “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience TM”. Her speech was amazing, and you can read her fantastic story here.

Sounds strange, right? My own story, “Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand,” didn’t win this time – and you know what, that’s ok. People saw the story and got what I wanted to do with it. Someone told me last night I’d put words to feelings they hadn’t wanted to put on the page. They called the story “badass” and that, plus being a finalist with so many badass and beautiful stories, in the middle of a short story renaissance in science fiction and fantasy, is a pretty sweet alternate ending to the weekend.

I got to dress up and have a meal with brilliant people. I got to sit at a table with five of my agency mates and cheer each other on. (That in itself was amazing)

I heard Connie Willis talk about her friend Gardner Dozois, and Jim Kelly talk about Sheila Williams. I got to hear Peter S. Beagle speak about craft and community.

I got to hear stories celebrated and discussed and read, all weekend.

And that is the best of all possible wins.

Thank you to SFWA for a stellar weekend. See you all at the signing today! Have some photos of WordPress lets me upload from my phone …

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