The Happenings at Kickstarter this Summer

So a few weeks ago, I ran a very fast mini-kickstarter called The Museum of Errant Critters — and yesterday I mailed off

the last of the backer rewards. It was an amazing experience, and I met so many people while doing it and learned so many things (for instance: I am bad with tape, I can actually still math a production budget, I LIKE doing this! I can do PR for myself for exactly 5 days before expiring of embarrassment).

It is part of the Kickstarter Creators in Residence residency that I’m halfway through, and the Summer of Poetry at Kickstarter that I’m helping out with. There is an amazing team here working on both, and I’m so delighted to be a part of it.

Kickstarter Creators
Photo by Bryan Derballa

And now there are a lot of things I can share with you, invite you to, and tell you about.

I’m doing a drip AMA today at noon est on twitter! People have been asking great questions already – and you can ask questions during the AMA – click here for more information

Tomorrow, I’m doing a LIVE poetry reading (*probably* from a purple yarnbombed chair made  by my friend, the fiber artist Melissa Maddonni Haims, in my house!) – it’s the first time I’ll have read from a collection of my own poetry in about fifteen years…

… You see, back when I completed a poetry MFA (from a place called Warren Wilson College, studying with amazing writers like Larry Levis, Joan Aleshire, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Eleanor Wilner, Marianne Boruch and Heather McHugh), I thought I’d publish a chapbook. I sold a few poems, but I eventually set aside the manuscript in order to support my partner. A looooong time and three books later, I found myself writing poems again (lots angrier, go figure) and I picked up the manuscript, threw out a LOT of things that weren’t me anymore, and was astounded to find I had a book-sized collection. It’s called Clock Star Rose Spine and I’m reading from that, taking questions, and talking about the fine line between literary and speculative poetry (spoilers: it’s not really a line as much as a meandering gauze filter). Tomorrow, you’ll be among the first to hear some of the poems. Read more about the live poetry reading and Kickstarter’s Summer of Poetry here. (click here to get reminders about the live reading.)

ALSO – on July 17, at Kickstarter Headquarters – there’s going to be a poetry reading under the starts… more information on that soon, but I’m so excited.

Lastly, but most importantly, 
I’m in the final days of my founding members’ period for my Many Workbenches, Many Worlds drip campaign. You can learn more about that here.

Earlier in the week, I issued a challenge that if we get to 75 founding members (which is a crazy number!), I would make LOUDBIRD a big project for this year, and not just a backburner thing. More than that, I’d make a limited-run early access part of the project for founding members (and patreon backers too). SO. That’s the big challenge – the founding members period ends next Tuesday – only SIX days! Can we get there? I hope so!  I need your help to do it.

Today, because the news, I’m also donating $2 per new founding member to an organization [still researching, will have update soon] working to keep immigrant families together at the border.

Meantime, another of the goals for this campaign is to enable me to make more things like the “How To Build a Monster” cards that I use when I visit classrooms to talk about brainstorming and creativity. I’m working with teachers now on several new ones about poetry and I’ll be talking about them in the as I work.

have some more photospam as a thank you for your patience and support!

That’s about it – time to run get ready for the AMA and finish this poem I’m working on.

Hope to see you there, or on twitter today, or at the Live reading.

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