An AMA About Creativity, the Infinity’s End Anthology, and my Readercon Schedule!

A Wilde AMA Appears!

During a AMA, I talked about writing, the differences and similarities between poetry and fiction, and the process of spinning plates.

Do you remember the first thing you ever wrote and loved?

I remember very clearly the first time a line felt “finished” — it made a sound like a bell in my head. It was the original first line to my first novel, Updraft“On a morning like this, fear is a blue sky emptied of birds.”

Since then, I really listen for that bell sound. It’s fleeting, but when it’s there, it’s amazing.

You can read more, free, here.

There’s new content up for supporters! In the Meadow I’m live-blogging a poetry revision. At the Workbench, I’ve got a first sneak peek at some Loudbird sketches. And shortly, at the Anchorage, there will be new notebook pages and a Q&A discussion on memory, seeing, and craft. We’re scheduling our first live chat this week too! (If you don’t know what this is all about, come check out the Many Workbenches project on!)

There’s new content for Patreon supporters also: New Ink and Poetry both! (If you haven’t visited, come on by!)

A couple of new books and publications are coming out, including Who Will Speak For America, from Temple University Press; And the Infinity’s End Anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan (that one comes out on my birthday week!), including a new story from me, “The Synchronist”.

SPEAKING OF. This year, my birthday week includes book launches by AMAZING authors including The Mere Wife by Maria Dahavna Headley; Latchkey by Nicole Kornher Stace; Euorpean Travel for Monstrous Gentlewomen by Theodora Goss; and Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. SUCH A GOOD WEEK – happy reading!

You can come see me and a whole convention full of very smart people, live, at Readercon July 12-15 in Boston. (I’ll have a few How-to Cards, some orrery and cephalopod notecards for letter writers, and limited Errant Critters and Bone Universe goodies during Kaffeklatch, autograph, and reading sessions. They go fast!)

  • My schedule:
    • Friday –
      2pm: Kaffeeklatch, Seven Masts [there will be Swag]
      3pm:  The Works of Ken Liu – Anatoly Belilovsky, Kenneth Schneyer, Francesco Verso, Fran Wilde, Gary K. Wolfe – Salon C
      4pm: Reading, Salon B [reading from the new book!]
    • Saturday –
      Noon: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done – Anually, David Shaw, B. Diane Martin, and Fran Wilde discuss the latest in food science. Edible examples will be provided. Salon C
      2pm: Autographs [moar SWAG]
    • Possibly one more thing…
  • See you there!

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