This Week: New York and Virginia for His Hideous Heart, U Richmond and more!

Hello friends! This is going to be one of two posts this week… mainly because that whooshing sound you hear is me wondering where the heck August and half of September went.

First up! New York, on Tuesday, Sept. 10, I am coming to see you and bringing a raven or two.

Tomorrow, His Hideous Heart, the starred and Junior Library Journal-selected anthology containing 13 modern retellings of Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories (and possibly a few bats) launches at Books of Wonder at 6pm!

I’ll be there, along with editor Dahlia Adler, and authors Tiffany D. Jackson, and amanda lovelace.

According to this highly scientific twitter poll, I have to try to figure out how to get in my full raven outfit for the event. We’ll see! I’ve enlisted the help of some experts.

I’m particularly excited because my short story is “The Fall of the Bank of Usher,” and it combines so many favorite things: gothic horror, cyberhacks, and siblings, to name a few. Even better? ALL of the stories in the collection are So Very Good, and they come with a side helping of the original Poe.

If you can’t be there, you can still snap up your signed copy by contacting Books of Wonder and/or Fountain Books!

That’s because, if you can’t be in NYC, you can come to Richmond VA for an even spookier Friday the 13th celebration at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, sponsored by Fountain Books! (it says online tickets are closed, but come by 6, get a free ticket at the door, and tour the museum with me before the event starts! I’ll be the one in the ridiculous hat.) Lamar Giles and I will have festivities, giveaways, and terrifying tales all ready for you.

In between those two events, I’m visiting University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University to talk to students there about voice — very likely there will be some spooky voices included in that too! See you all soon!

Also this happened this morning and I’m still chuckling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

also a heads up for 9/19 – I’ll be at Children’s Book World in Haverford PA for His Hideous Heart and It’s a Whole Spiel! 

That’s it. That’s the post. See you out there!

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