Machina, Episode 3 launches in 3 days! Our Fans Are Already Shouting About…

Machina, episode 3 – Go Big AND Go Home, by Malka Older launches on Wednesday — before it does, get caught up with (or get into) the first episodes and see what all the buzz is about! Click here, and for less than the cost of five espresso shots, you can have ten weeks of the Moonshot Bar, DevLok’s intrigue, and Watchover’s hive drones… not to mention the whimsical stylings of your personal embedded Code Overload reporter… (and yes, Pseudo too! It’s all about the robot rescue dog, we know, we know…)


Machina, episodes 1 and 2: There Is No Binary AND The Singularity Will Be Televised are both live! As the teams begin their race to prove who has the best robots, there’s a lot happening in the shadows — don’t miss a beat!

Here’s what people are saying about Machina:

Some wonderful reviews at Worlds in Ink:

Machina deals with some fascinating concepts – surveillance and privacy (let’s just say Watchover’s name might be a tad too prophetic!), sentience, ecological custodianship and our increasing reliance and use of AI.

Machina is an absolutely gripping look at the not too distant future. Filled with great characters, fascinating AI and some startling twists this is one serial you definitely don’t want to miss!

There is so much I want to shout about, but sadly can’t for fear of spoilers. Trust me, this is a great story which will melt your heart and set every geeky cell in your body abuzz. I think the narrated version will be something beautiful to behold.

And at Women Write About Comics:

And Marzie has great things to say here:

Overall, Machina is a tale of corporate espionage and “mysterious interference,” that has some quirky characters (can’t get enough of Smits and the cocktail-making robo-dog Pseudo), and is graced with a female collaborative relationship, a strong non-binary character, and a mystery that hovers at the end suggesting the possibility of a second season. At ten episodes and about 300 pages in text, it’s a hearty story that … will run in weekly episodes through April 1. …

All in all, this is one of my favorite Serial Box productions I’ve read and listened to. The audiobook is narrated by the award-winning Natalie Naudus.

We’re so glad you’re on this journey with us — if you see more great takes, shout back!

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