Four links make a post…

Hello friends – lots of things are happening… here are a few!

New Podcast appearance: As a January guest on the Tales from the Trunk podcast, I read (without looking at it first ahaha) a short story that’s never seen daylight. Hilary Bisenieks and I also talked poetry and fiction!

Preorder: The Ship of Stolen Words is taking off!! There have been amazing blurbs (more coming soon) and some fantastic feedback on Netgalley and Goodreads already! Are you signed up to help get this ship off the ground? Head to goodreads, preorder, or put in an ask with your favorite neighborhood librarian! Also you can hear me talk about Sam, Tolver, and the word-hogs as part of Abrams’ Kids 2021 Spring Preview, here!

Short fiction: My novelette, “Mayor For Today” is the Asimov’s spotlight podcast this month! You can hear me read the story for free, as well as pick up the January/February 2021 issue of Asimov’s.
The January-February cover of Asimov's

Upcoming events: I’ll be at Boskone-online in mid-February, and at Rainforest-online and Futurescapes in March. (Visit my events schedule for more). Meantime, I’ve added my Boskone schedule below:
Friday, February 12
— 6:30pm – The (New) Future of Work through the SFnal Lens

Saturday, February 13
— 1pm Reading: Cerece Rennie Murphy, Eugene Myers, & Fran Wilde
— 2:30pm Building Online Communities

Sunday, February 14
–10am – (Sub)Urban FantasyHarbor Ballroom


  1. I recall my friend Michael Swanwick blurbing your one about the bone towers, which I read & liked.
    Good luck with the new book, and best for 2021!

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