New Short Story At Asimovs, Ship of Stolen Words News, Poetry Collection Preorder, and more!

Hello friends! Exciting times here at house Wilde — here are all the details!

I have a new short story in Asimov’s this month. It’s called “Seed Star,” and my friend Rick Wilber has informed me that it’s hard science fiction, which, hey okay, I just wanted to write an alien fourth dimensional pregnancy in zero-G espionage story, and I’m excited that he likes it so much! I hope you do too. (Rick has a great new book out, Alien Day, which is also hard sci fi you should check it out!)

Asimovs July/August cover with Greg Bossert, Megan Lindholm, LX Beckett, Will McIntosh, Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Michael Swanwick, and me!

I’ve been getting wonderful feedback from all sorts of places on my May novelette, “Unseelie Brothers, Ltd.” at Uncanny — especially from the dressmakers! I’ve been drawing some of the designs, and I’ll be sharing them with my Patreons first, then with everyone, soon… but not before I’m part of an excellent panel on “Fashion as Weapon and Armor” at 4th Street Fantasy this Saturday — I hope to see you there!

More news! The Ship of Stolen Words has been out in the world for two and a half weeks, and the feedback so far has been tremendous. Thank you to everyone sharing their love for Sam, Tolver, and the boglins — and especially to everyone leaving copies for others to find in Little Free Libraries. (When you read it, you’ll understand!)

If you don’t have your copy of The Ship of Stolen Words, there are lots of places to get one! Doylestown Bookshop, Mysterious Galaxy, and, for starters!

Check out the Little Free Library shenanigans in the meantime at #shipofstolenwords and #theshipofstolenwords on instagram:

You can read interviews I did with Uma Krishnaswami (Wordplay and Profiteering), the Brassbright Chronicles, Author to Author with Jo Ladzinski.

The launch party at the fantastic Doylestown Bookstore with Jonathan Mayberry is now viewable on Youtube,

Virtual Book Launch at Doylestown Bookshop with Fran Wilde and Jonathan Maberry

… and you know what, we had so much fun, we’re going to do another talk about writing and goblins and who knows what at Mysterious Galaxy at the end of the month — more info soon.

I’m also doing another portal fantasy workshop with North Akron Libraries for grades 3-8 this month… if you know librarians looking for fun, interactive programming just like this, point them at my contact form.

In really cool news, on June 27, Leah Cypess (Thornwood), Marianne Mancusi (Dragon Ops), and I will be talking about Middle Grade Science Fiction and Fantasy at The Ivy Bookshopmore info here!

Lastly, the preorder page and tour news for Clock Star Rose Spine is up — head over to Lanternfish Press to check that out and see all the great people I’ll be talking poetry with this fall, including Amal El Mohtar, Malka Older, Kat Howard, Sam Miller, Theodora Goss, and more!

Preorder Clock Star Rose Spine and check out the virtual tour at Lanternfish Press!

Whew! I hope your summer is off to a great start too — for getting all the way to the end, I’m sharing with you the best storm video I’ve ever taken:

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon!


  1. Excellent! I try and make sure to pick up Asimovs when I see it in my local B&N, and I’ll make sure to bookmark your story when I find it!

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