Clock Star Rose Spine Looks Even Larger In Rear View Mirror

The past two months, with the tremendous help of Lanternfish Press, as well as booksellers Main Point Books, The Ivy, Northshire Bookstore, Adventure Bound Bookstore, WORD Bookstore, Quail Ridge Books, Randolph College, and the Brooklyn Book Festival have been a whirlwind of poetry.

I got to hear Amal El-Mohtar read one of my poems back to me, see CSE Cooney dress up as CLOCK STAR ROSE SPINE, was able to sign books for readers in person (WHAT A LUXURY), face Theodora Goss in monster poetry combat, talk about art and public life with Sam J. Miller, visit with Malka Older (and adorable bb!), and talk about why poetry matters with Kat Howard. The overwhelming sensation of being steeped in deep thought about words (after so long steeping in pandemic quiet) was glorious and I want to do it all again, right away.

Luckily, we can! Thanks to the brilliance of the booksellers and the magic of the internet, a number of the conversations are available for you to watch as many times as you like (with more coming!)!

Fran Wilde & Theodora Goss in conversation at The Ivy, Baltimore
Fran Wilde & Sam J. Miller in conversation at Northshire Books

WORD Bookstore Replay Link with Fran & Amal El-Mohtar–amal-el

Fran Wilde & C.S.E Cooney in conversation at Quail Ridge Bookstore

And these wonderful booksellers have signed copies of CLOCK STAR ROSE SPINE available for all of your poetry and holiday gift giving needs. Please support them if you are able.

Meantime, keep your eye on Lanternfish on twitter and instagram — they’re doing amazing things — and you may see a few more poetry vignettes from me pop up from time to time.

Thank you all so much for being a tremendous part of this month — as I mentioned right before the book launched, this one’s so special — it was amazing to see your faces, in person and online!

I hope your spooky season is off to a great start, your gourds are all decorative, and your pumpkins are spicing only the finest lattes.

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