Bone Universe: 

Working Title: UPDRAFT
Project Type: Novel
Status: Debuts from Tor in 2015

In a city of living bone rising high above the clouds, where danger hides in the wind and the ground is lost to legend, a young woman must expose a great secret to save those she loves. (read more)

Working Title: CLOUDBOUND
Project Type: Novel
Status: Manuscript completed

Working Title: Broken Wing
Project Type: Novel
Status: Outline/scenes/15k

Short Stories in the Bone Universe:

“A Moment of Gravity, Circumscribed,” Impossible Futures, edited by Judith K. Dial and Thomas A. Easton. (August 2013, Pink Narcissus Press)

Moon Universe: 

Working Title: Moon
Project Type: Novel
Status: 115K  | edit, polish

Working Title: Wasp
Project Type: Novel
Status: Outline

Short stories in the Moon Universe: “Like a Wasp to the Tongue,” Asimov’s April/May 2014.

Gem Universe:

Working Title: Mecha
Project Type: short story
Status: Draft

Working Title: Sweetline
Project Type: Short Story
Status: Polish

Short stories in the Gem Universe: “The Topaz Marquise,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies, (July 24, 2014)

“The Jewel and Her Lapidary,” a novelette coming to (TBA)

Other Short stories: Numerous

Photography: Occasional

Digital projects: (currently) Rare

Knitting: Reader’s Wrap

Status: 30″ and counting. No pockets yet.


Future projects: Cthulhu Mittens (1/2 way down the page)

Other Shawl: Status: On hold.

Was a silly choice. Impossible to work on it and talk at the same time and if you can’t talk and knit, what is the point? Grrr.