Now I Can Finally Tell You…

Last October, I wrote about my novel, Bone Arrow, as part of the Next Big Thing meme. I alluded to the story and the world in October 2011, as part of a post called The Thing. You see, Bone Arrow began as part of a story written during a 1-day challenge at a workshop called Viable Paradise. From the very beginning, there have been bone towers, wings, secrets, and dangers. There have been fierce young women and men who lived their lives above the clouds. When the story was read aloud to the writers on Martha’s Vineyard, I knew I wanted to keep writing in this world. And so I did.

Bone Arrow came up again in May when I introduced you to my amazing agents, Russ Galen and Rachel Kory at Scovil, Galen, Ghosh, Literary.

The world of Bone Arrow has been on my mind a lot over the past two years. There’s so much about this place and the people who live in it that I want to share with you.

And now I can finally tell you that you will get to see it all.

Books, you guys! There will be books!

Tor LogoToday, with the help of Russ, Rachel, and my ultra-fabulous new editor, Miriam Weinberg, I can finally tell you that I’ve sold Bone Arrow and two more books to Tor!

You’ll be seeing them over the course of the next three years.

Here’s a little peek at Bone Arrow:

On a morning like this, fear is a clear blue sky emptied of birds. It is the smell of cooking trapped in closed towers, of smoke looking for ways out. It is an ache in the back of the eyes from searching the distance, and a weight in the stomach that is as old as this city.

The early light filters through our balcony shutters as my mother selects her wings. She turns her back to me so that I can cinch the woven straps tight against her shoulders. When two bone horns sound low and loud from Mondarath, the tower nearest ours, she stiffens.

I pause, wanting to look through the holes in the shutters, but she urges me on while she trains her eyes on the sky.

I’m so grateful to my friends from Viable Paradise, Taos Toolbox, the Liars’ Club in Philadelphia, and to my family and my friends for their support.

I’m grateful for you too.

I hope you’ll stick around to see what happens next.

(If you are of Facebook, here’s a very early author page to like. If not, no worries. You know where to find me.)


  1. Awesome news! You’re a great writer and deserve the recognition. I can’t wait to crack open the first page.

  2. SQUEE!!!!! I’m so excited for you! Huge congratulations. I had no doubt Bone Arrow would find a good home, and I’m so thrilled it has siblings on the way, too. 🙂 There will be celebratory drinks soon.

  3. HUGE CONGRATS!!!! I had every confidence that Bone Arrow would get picked up, and am so pleased that we’ll get to see that world in print.

  4. Good Lord, what the heck were you thinking when you were a web mistress at Park School? Was it just a preface? We really have to get serious about a Cake meeting.

  5. Awesome news! It sounds like a great story, as well. Congratulations on signing with Tor. Just awesome! ^_^

  6. I’ve been interested in Viable Paradise for a couple of years and just followed my wife’s link to this post. Congratulations! Your excerpt is beautifully evocative with marvelous economy of words (not my forte!). I look forward to exploring the world of Bone Arrow.

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