My Nebula & Balticon Schedules, Philly book signing, Plus Exciting Booksmugglers News!

The 51st Annual Nebula Awards and Conference are coming to Pittsburgh in a week and a half (May 18-21

Pittsburgh skyline in watercolor I’ll be there, acting as a mentor for new attendees, talking about Swag at 2pm on Friday, and at the 7:30 Nominees presentation for The Jewel and Her Lapidary and 8pm Mass Signing also on Friday. I’ll likely be a bundle of nerves on Saturday, but come find me and say hi! Here’s the full schedule so far.

On May 17, I’ll be at Chestnut Hill Academy Spring Book Fair in Philadelphia from 3:15 – 4:00pm, signing books! 

And On May 26-29, I’ll be at Balticon 51, doing my duty as the 2016 Compton Crook Award winner and passing the torch to this year’s winner, Ada Palmer (Too Like the Lightning, Tor 2016). Here are the list of past winners & links to nominees.

I also have a great schedule at Balicon, appearing with many friends including Malka Older, Scott Edelman, Hildy Silverman, and more! Here’s my full schedule so far – note the 3pm reading on Sunday – I’ll have some special swag to give away.

Lastly, this Wednesday, we’re doing something new at Cooking The Books – coordinating kitchen time with our new partners in cookery, The Booksmugglers! Stay tuned for some exciting times, bad puns, original content and more… 


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