Four Links, Four Upcoming Events, plus a T-rex & Photos

At Powell’s. You must be this tall to read this book… (not really!)

Hello friends, it’s been a while! Time to catch up. I’m working on a bunch of different projects, drawing a lot, and still trying to be on hiatus from social media (that’s going… um… about as well as you might expect but I’m still trying), and I’m very much author-only at the book of face, in case you’re wondering where I went over there. How about you?

Coming soon: Aliette and I have exciting Cooking the Books interviews lined up with Eric Smith (The Girl and the Grove), C.L. Polk (Witchmark), and Tade Thompson (multiple books!), as well as book bites from R.F. Kuang (The Poppy War) and The Underwater Ballroom Society in the next couple of months.

Meantime, here are some links to things that have appeared around the web lately, as well as a link to a course I’m teaching at The Rosenbach Museum in April and May if you’re nearby!  (I’m posting my March reading list and more news over at the Patreon for $1 subscribers, and generally scattering images and verse everywhere else). I’ll also be at Futurescapes and The Philly Writers Convention, and at Nebula Weekend.

My first poem in a while, “The Sea Never Says It Loves You,” appears at Uncanny Magazine this month, along with excellent poems by Brandon O’Brien and Cassandra Khaw, fiction by Sarah Monette, Sarah Pinsker, A.T. Greenblatt, Nalo Hopkinson, and many more. (Plus a fantastic essay by R.F. Kuang).

Events at the White House and elsewhere prompted me to share this essay — which began as a way to talk with my daughter about domestic violence and how to rescue herself first — at the Washington Post.

The Nebula finalist list is out and there are so many great things to read! – you must check out the novels by Mur Lafferty, Theodora Goss, Fonda Lee, N.K. Jemisin, Daryl Gregory, & Annalee Newitz, the novellas (I wrote about Passing Strange, here) — which are amazing, novelettes — ditto, and short stories, including “Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand” (by me!). I’m very grateful that readers enjoyed the story enough to remember it come nominations time — it was a hard one to write. I’m grateful too, to Uncanny Magazine for believing in it, and for giving it such a great voice with Amal El-Mohtar’s reading on the podcast.

Very excited to be part of an amazing lineup for the glorious Poe anthology His Hideous Heart, coming next year. Read more here, from our stalwart editor, Dahlia Adler!

At Swarthmore College next Friday, March 30, the “Science Fiction for Social Change” panel from 1-3pm – is open to the public, and features Dr. Li Sumpter and Alex Smith as well as me. Come on out if you can.

April 7, I’ll be at the Doylestown Bookshop with Chuck Wendig and Kevin Hearne to celebrate the launch of Kevin’s latest book, Scourged! More details here! YES I bought a beard for the occasion. Of course I did.

April 14, I’ll be at Big Blue Marble to help Julia Whicker launch Wonderblood! Details here!

And in April and May, for four weeks, I’ll be guiding a Dystopia reading series at The Rosenbach Museum – I believe there are still a few spaces available – you can register on the website!

When not piled under snow at home, I’ve been to ICFA in Orlando, and to Rainforest Writers Retreat in Washington State, where I finished a book! Have some photos!


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