Six – Wait! EIGHT things make a post: Riverland Reviews, Ninth Step Station Launch, Rhysling & BFSA nominations, Fire Opal Cover, A Catalog of Storms…

(seriously, this week has been a little nuts with all! the! things! happening all at the same time — I have a tendency to work through stressful periods, and this has been a lot of work that all decided to launch at the same time! SO. Here we go!)

Riverland reviews and blurbs are starting to appear… a few at a time! It’s getting exciting but I’m also a tiny bit (ok a LOT) nervous about this book being out in the world. It is the hardest, most personal thing I’ve ever done in fiction and pretty soon it won’t belong to just me anymore.

Here are a few things people are saying… (and a preorder linkthing and if you’ve read it and could leave a comment on goodreads/B&N/Amazon, that would be amazing).


Ninth Step Station, the buddy-cop cyberpunk post-disaster political police procedural launched! It’s so much fun working with Curtis Chen, Malka Older and Jacqueline Koyanagi on this. My first episode, “The Bodiless Arm” appeared this week and you can listen to the first episode or subscribe to the entire season here. And here are some posts about Ninth Step Station to read! Books Bones and Buffy | Malka on why we love procedurals

The cover for my next Gemworld novella, The Fire Opal Mechanism, is in the world today! Tommy Arnold did an amazing job capturing the drama going on around the librarian Ania Dem and the thief Jorit Lee here, as well as building on the tensions of the first cover, The Jewel and Her Lapidary (I love that he does that!) Go see & read more over at Barnes & Noble SF Blog!

My first short story of the year, “A Catalog of Storms” appeared at Uncanny Magazine at the beginning of the month. I’m so glad it is striking a chord with readers. I love this story a lot and worried for a long time I wouldn’t be able to get it right.

At Locus, Rich Horton gave my short story “The Synchronist” from Jonathan Strahan’s Infinity’s End a shout out, calling it “Pretty Challenging” and I’m so chuffed.

The BSFA Longlist is out and it’s my first time being nominated, for “Ruby, Singing!” (a gemworld story!) – I am incredibly honored to be included in this list of amazing short stories, novels, nonfictions, and illustrations. Thank you British Science Fiction Association!

The first list of Rhysling nominations is out and “The Sea Never Says it Loves You,” is on the list! I’m so excited — this is my first time nominated here too, and the poems on both the short and longlists are all so fantastic. Thank you so much, Rhysling nominators!

What else? I finished edits on my short story for His Hideous Heart — “The Fall of the Bank of Usher” will appear in September. You can preorder now! I loved working with editor Dahlia Adler and learned so very much in the process.

(if you’re interested in running for SFWA Office, and are eligible, now is the time to begin that process!)

New stories out from others – go read John Chu’s Beyond the El! And everything from Fireside Magazine; also this short story by Zen Cho is amazing.

that’s the news! I’m going to go work on some things ! Have a Luna!


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