Bag of Holding & Other Good News

A couple of pieces of good news and a bit of fun below:

I’m delighted to report that I’ve sold the short story “Like a Wasp to the Tongue,” to Asimov’s Magazine. ::happydance:: 

The Impossible Futures anthology has hit its kickstarter goal, and there’s still time to put your pre-order in.

And last week, with con season in full swing, I asked 10 writers, editors, and photographers what they considered must-haves for their con survival bag. I was delighted when my editor at Apex Publications, Jason Sizemore, sent me an email letting me know that beyond being amusing, the post had a greater impact. Here’s a bit of the post, with a link to the rest…

Bag of Holding: Top 5 Necessities for Con Survival

With convention season in high swing, we at Apex Publications have had our share of crowded elevators, serious late night arguments about genre canon, under-construction hotel restaurants, and too-many-panels-no-time-to-eat fun. So we asked authors, editors, and photographers what five things they pack in their con survival bag, besides their phone.

Here’s what Liz Argall, Elizabeth Bear, Kyle Cassidy, Wes Chu, Eugene Myers, Scott Lynch, Lynne M. Thomas, LaShawn M. Wanak, Chuck Wendig, and A.C. Wise had to say. [read more]



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